Infiniti Is Making An Electric Car Based On The Striking Q Inspiration Concept

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When we last chatted with you about the Infiniti Q Inspiration concept, we left off with the hope that it would usher in a new era of Infinti production cars. Lord knows Infiniti needs it. And it looks like we’ll be getting some electrified version of it within the next five years.

Following last week’s news that Infiniti would specifically target China for its electric car push, the automaker announced today that it’s developing a new electric car that will take cues from the Q Inspiration concept and be produced on its platform. This will make one of the five new cars it will build in China in the coming five years.

This is sad but it’s true: I currently cannot visualize a single new Infiniti in my head. The brand has been fairly blah in recent years. But the Q Inspiration is a true stunner, with a striking facia and handsome proportions. I don’t think anyone will have a problem recalling what it looks like.


If this is what Infiniti’s electric push will look like, then I’m in very eager anticipation.

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Money Hustard

I get that Tesla had a bold idea and were first to market, but why the shit are established automakers just NOW getting around to producing their own offerings that are comparable?

Seems like everyone knew that a luxury electric car was a good idea by 2014.