The Cheap Alfa Romeo Giulias Are Coming

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Hello there, car shopper. Perhaps you are in the market for a sporty sedan. You could buy yourself any number of nice, reliable and sort-of-fun sedans, or you can live on the edge and get something with an Italian flair. That’s because the Alfa Romeo Giulia is already depreciating into tempting price ranges.

There is no debate that the Alfa Romeo Giulia is wonderful to drive. What is a bit of a wild card is how reliable it will be in the long haul. It seems that most of the early teething issues that added to Alfa’s reputation of unreliability have been worked out, but despite modern manufacturing techniques, Alfa owners will always have a lingering question about the durability of their chosen ride.


But hey, life is an adventure and things aren’t always certain. You don’t want to drive a Toyota Camry anyway. While the Giulia hasn’t been out for very long, the predictable depreciation curve has already started to set in and some nice cars can be had for just under the $30,000 mark.

The base 2017 Giulia started at just under $40,000. Here are some low-mileage used listings now:


But if you’re going to do this, do it right. Get a red one in the sportiest trim you can, like this Ti version with less than 11,000 miles that originally stickered for about $46,000.


That is a heck of a value and while there are nor currently that many Giulias in this price range, more will be coming onto the market soon. You just may want to bank some of the savings to pay for extra warranty.

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