Filling Tires Full Of Concrete Is The Most Safety Third Thing You'll Watch All Day

Gif: Garage 54 ENG (YouTube)

Russian YouTube channel Garage 54 exists in a magic place somewhere between Mythbusters and The Red Green Show, where cars are subject of delightfully sketchy experiments. Take this attempt to run concrete instead of air in their tires, for example. I mean, roads are made of concrete. Why not tires?

First off, Garage 54's method for mounting the tires on their test Zhiguli’s wheels is worthy of a state-sanctioned Glorious Leader Vladimir Putin, Perfect Car Man highlight reel, somewhere between driving a Formula One car and wrestling a ZAZ key away from a bear. He uses the tried and true method of lighting ether on fire to pop it onto the rim.


“At least I got my fingers out of the way!” says our intrepid host. Neat.

Gif: Garage 54 ENG (YouTube)

After that, he cuts a hole in each of his newly-mounted tires to fill them with concrete, waits a little while for them to set, and tries to run them on the Zhiguli.

The ride looks bumpy to say the least, but (spoiler!) his biggest problem is that the concrete inside never cured completely, which led to it chunking out the holes in the sides of the tires. Whoops!

Here’s hoping he at least cleaned up the mess in the road after plopping out little concrete-blips as he drove along.

This clearly isn’t the first time Garage 54 has stuck something into tires that shouldn’t be there, as they keep referring to a prior experiment with foam-filled tires which hasn’t appeared on their English-dubbed channel yet.


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The concrete didn’t cure correctly because he was Russian the project.