A new Toyota RAV4 is coming out this month at the New York Auto Show. I know you’re as thrilled as anyone to see what your next Uber ride will look like, but do we really need to “tease” it out over a series of weeks? Of course not! But here we are.

Here is the latest “teaser” for the 2019 RAV4. I guarantee you any number of ultra-sincere car blogs and magazines will be all over this shit today.


I am here with a different take: the RAV4 does not need a “teaser.”

I can tell you right now what it’s going to look like: a two-box crossover with some massive, gaping grille, much like the current Camry or the new Avalon.

The cool rear spare tire is not coming back. Sorry.

I mean, look at that illustration. Could it be more half-assed? Toyota doesn’t even care. They know it doesn’t matter what the RAV4 will look like; it will be more popular than cheap trailer park meth simply because it’s the RAV4 and crossovers are what people are buying right now.


The RAV4 doesn’t need a teaser. I mean, probably no car does, but this one especially does not. Glad we settled that!