What's The Most Important Thing To Learn To Fix On Your Car?

David’s workspace.
David’s workspace.
Photo: David Tracy
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Part of the draw of cars for many of us is we know we can fix them ourselves if something goes wrong. It may seem very intimidating at first, but once you realize that cars are just made up of many small parts, it helps you break down what’s wrong in your mind and makes the job easier to approach.


Of course, there are the obvious things you should know how to do, like change a tire or check the oil. But what are some other lessons that could benefit someone?

What are some tips, tricks or how-tos that every car owner should have in their arsenal?

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Brakes. They really are a simple system and once you know how you can do them at home with good parts for 1/3 of what you would pay someone. Plus you know how to clean them each spring (if you live in the snow belt) to give them that like new feeling and keep them going strong. I love that nice, high, responsive brake feeling.