Seven Arrested After A Gang Of ATV And Motorcycle Enthusiasts Runs Riot On Boston Interstate

A stretch of Interstate 93 in Boston descended into chaos on Saturday after police tried to arrest dozens of motorcyclists and ATV riders who were seen riding recklessly. At some point during the confrontation, part of which was caught on video, one rider was shot by a responding police officer; he later appeared in court with a foot wound.


The chaos involved up to 35 riders, according to police, who also released a statement identifying the seven arrested, all men under the age of 35. Here’s a portion of the statement, which describes a scene that quickly got out of hand:

At about 5:00 p.m., Troopers observed the group traveling in an erratic and dangerous manner on Route 93 Southbound in Boston. Troopers encountered them on the ramp from Route 93 Southbound to Exit 18 (Mass Avenue) and attempted to effect arrests.

During that encounter, a Trooper discharged his weapon, striking one of the riders, a 28-year-old Randolph man. That man was transported to Boston Medical Center for treatment of what is believed to be a non-life-threatening injury. Another rider — who was not shot — complained of pain and was transported to an area hospital for evaluation. A Trooper sustained a knee injury during the incident and was transported to Mass General Hospital for treatment.

Five suspects were arrested and charged with various offenses. They have been transported to area barracks for booking and are expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court next week. The two suspects who were transported to the hospital are also expected to be charged.


Video of the scene was more dramatic, as riders, motorcycles, and police go in every direction on the Interstate as traffic stopped:

Police say they seized around 20 motorcycles and other vehicles, and say that more suspects could be arrested as they continue their investigation. Try to be friendly out there! We all ride the roads.

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Interesting to see how many comments here call for death of the offenders.

Yes, their actions are dangerous, yes it’s illegal.

But I bet if the same crew was white, the tone of most comments here would be quite different.

Ah, Jalopnik, I love you, but you’re bringing me down..

And now: flamesuit on.