Photo credit: “Who took this picture?” I ask. “Probably Mitsubishi,” Patrick responded. “I don’t give a shit, let ‘em sue me.”

It’s the Friday afternoon after our best month of all time. It’s time to rest on some god damn laurels.

Ryan talked about Goodyear and a spate of deaths, Jason talked about a very good Neon, and I, well, I maintained an intense fixation on death.


So if you wanna chill with us, now’s a good time, as always. Feel free to ask us anything you want about Jalopnik, about cars, or advice of the general or more spiritual kind. We are here to help.

UPDATE 5:30 PM EST: After over an hour, we’re all talked out. We’re probably just gonna remain mute until Monday. Stay tuned for next week, where we write even more horrible car things on the internet.