Have you ever been driving along, happy and content, when you found that your way was blocked by some insurmountable obstacle, like a pair of stacked mid-size city phone books, or perhaps a shoebox full of sand? If you’re like most people, you probably slammed on your brakes and, you know, died there. Too bad you didn’t drive a Mitsubishi Outlander, according to this Instagram ad!


Aw, hell yeah, Outlander! Look how that Plug-In Hybrid EV charged right the fuck up to that sheer, nearly four-inch wall of raw, unforgiving rock and straight-up dominated it. 

Sure, that Outlander or any other car or even a person, perhaps wearing boots, or maybe shoes or flip-flops could have accomplished the same fantastically bad-ass act of EARTH DOMINATION, but we have photo evidence of it happening right here:


Just try to find something it can’t climb right over: a small pyramid composed of three pool noodles? Easy. An inverted wok on a stack of eight yoga mats? Please. A parking barrier? Probably, but it may cause some damage to the plastic underbody there.


Another bang-up job, Mitsubishi. Please excuse me while I go buy some Outlanders right fucking NOW.

(Thanks, Jordan!)