Watch The World's Best Drivers Struggle To Stay On The Road At Rallye Monte Carlo

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Rally drivers are the best drivers, and the best rally drivers run in the World Rally Championship. So it’s fun to watch even them struggle to even stay on the road on a particularly icy opening stage at this year’s Rallye Monte Carlo.

The trick about the Monte is you’re never on the right tires. While much of the Sisteron stage here was clear pavement, many of its twisting stretches were nearly invisible glare ice. Drivers simply couldn’t have a tire that would work well on both surfaces, and that meant just about everyone spun, skidded or crashed.

Sebastian Ogier, a local to the area, spun around, slid backwards downhill for a short spell and still won the stage. As ever, the Monte rules.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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