Dashcams And Doorbell Cams Capture The Big Detroit Meteor Of 2018

In what is hopefully not a sign from God regarding the future of the automotive industry as the Detroit Auto Show ends, what seems to be a meteor just streaked through the skies around Detroit, setting the sky ablaze and rattling windows.


Luckily, there’s cameras everwhere, like this dashcam from Jalopnik reader Mike:

Holy crap, that’s a pretty big meteor! In case you prefer your astronomical events to be seen while stationary, in an alcove, a reader named Dan sent us this video from his doorbell-camera thingy:

Man, that made things daylight-bright for a moment there. This is an unusual event.


While there’s no official confirmation of what the celestial interloper is or was, you know what to do: hunt the thing down and, if it’s a meteor, be sure to get close enough so the cosmic rays can give you superpowers/sterilize you/both, or help the alien out of their crippled craft and teach them about this human thing called “love.”

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-Why does a moon rock taste better than an Earth rock?
-Because it’s a little meteor!