Nude Swimming Canceled Because Someone Threatened To Hurt The Cars

Photo credit: Southland Leisure Centre
Photo credit: Southland Leisure Centre

The Southland Leisure Centre is Calgary, Alberta’s premier destination for hot tubbin’, water slidin’, and wave poolin’ in Canada’s frozen wastes. Sometimes people like to go there with clothing, and sometimes, without any clothing at all. The latter makes people angry. Very angry. So angry that they threaten to smash cars.


Calgary Nude Recreation, a group of what must be frost-resistant nudists, organized a friendly no-pants outing to their local indoor wave pool. The event seemed like a happy and naked one, according to CNR’s Facebook page for the event:

Winter is coming! What better way to snub winter than by hanging out at one of Calgary‘s world class indoor tropical beaches naked? Would it sweeten the deal if there were water slides, a wave pool, a hot tub and steam room?

Did I mention you can be naked?!? Yes, all the way naked, just as you entered this world.

All. The. Way. Naked.

But this was apparently too much, with over 20,000 people signing a petition against it (mostly in the name of fears about pedophilia) and someone decided to take it out on the cars.

I’m not really sure what the cars did to the anti-nudists. But the anti-nudists were REALLY mad at Calgary Nude Recreation, the nudist group that organized the event, according to Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, speaking to the CBC (emphasis mine):

“There was a bomb threat. There were people who were saying we’re going to write down all the licence plate numbers and post them as pedophiles; we’re going to take a baseball bat to car windows. This is obviously incredibly unacceptable behaviour, and it’s not behaviour that we can ever countenance.”


And so, the nude event was cancelled, with Calgary Nude Recreation saying the reason was due to “terrorist threats.”

Just leave the cars out of it. No need to smash windows. The cars did nothing wrong.

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