Here Are Your Predictions For The World Of Cars In 2018

 Image credit: Ken Saito/Jalopnik
Image credit: Ken Saito/Jalopnik
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This will be the big year for cars, right? The year when they finally can fly, drive themselves, fix our traffic problems and also be fun, beautiful and spirited to drive if we so choose, right? Maybe some of those things will happen and maybe none of them will. But the year is still young, so we’ll see what winds up happening.


Last week, I asked you guys what you thought would happen in the world of cars this year.

I personally thought that we’d start seeing more car subscription programs. And, by the looks of the lumpy concepts starting to roll out at CES this year, we’ll probably see more crossovers, chock full of the latest tech. Fine, whatever.

Let’s see what you guys thought.

Used Car Optimist (ArtistAtLarge)

Hope so! I’d love an air-cooled 911.. yeah...

Design Upset (RebZelmele)

They can look like anything we want.


RIP Lexus GS (blasds78)

Sad! I like the GS.


Holding Out For The Sedans (A-McGee9-3)

As a fellow sedan owner, I, too, pray that they will survive.


Flying Car! (penrob)

Just two years out! I promise!


Ten Guesses (The-Guy-They-Warned-You-About)

I think all of these will definitely, 100 percent happen.


Balance (WhiskeyGolf)

If that’s what it takes, I’m for it.


Toyota Trucks (HammerheadFistpunch)

Someone give this man some goddamn trucks!


More Optimism (shpuker)

A sedan rebound, you say?


Some Good, Clean Design (Hu-Man)

Not everything has to look like Predator.


Uber (Jason)

Deciding on the fate of Uber over here.



Yes, let’s also M all of the things!


Continuing Trends and David Tracy (buckfiddious)

David will be the only good thing in 2018.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.



Classic Car Market will crash. All the major collectors have been cashing out since 2014, numbers have been sliding on “blue chip” classics for the last couple of years or holding stable (meaning the gravy train of insane ROI is over), and the buyers (old guys) aren’t buying anymore. Nobody wants to talk about it (auction houses, sellers, etc.) for obvious reasons but it’s coming.