The Best Grocery Getter Is A Hyundai i20 WRC

CarAdvice on YouTube
CarAdvice on YouTube

It makes sense that a proper rally car would be an excellent road car, if you think about it. They are softly sprung with a lot of suspension travel, they have smaller diameter wheels with tall tire sidewalls, and they’re usually based on hatchbacks with plenty of room to fit your shopping. As CarAdvice’s Mr. Fallah comments in the below video, “you could drive it every day if it wasn’t so loud.

Last month when the World Rally Championship held their Rally Australia round down under, Hyundai rang up some local media and let them have a go in the super powered little hatchback. Thierry Neuville won the rally in his Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC, identical to this car. The media folks were supposed to drive Neuville’s car, but it was being torn down for inspection following the win. WRC does this at every rally to thwart the hella cheating that frequently happens in motorsport.

In the video, Fallah and a Hyundai WRC representative take the i20 out onto the streets of Sydney, Australia in order to prove how great this car would be to daily drive. They get groceries, they stop in at KFC to pick up some fried chicken take away, and they even take some time to drop by the beach. If you’ve got a spare $750,000 Australian, you could have the world’s greatest, and loudest, daily driver Hyundai.

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This one always cracks me up.