Photo Credit: Waymo, from its recent ‘How we’re building a safer driver’ report.

The road to autonomy is riddled with challenges and some wild tweets, including this one from a self-driving car engineer talking about his attempt to drive a car like a human person, heaven forbid. Multiple people nearly died.


This one is from Vahid Kazemi a software engineer at Waymo, the Google-backed run at self-driving cars. Remember the Google Car? The koala-looking thing? Yeah.

Vahid is in Google’s Research & Machine Intelligence Department, per his LinkedIn, and he’s responsible for “developing machine learning algorithms used for visual object recognition and natural language processing.”

In any case, this guy clearly has the right idea that there are tons and tons and tons and tons of unqualified drivers out there shooting down our nation’s roads in two-ton death machines. As a system, that’s not ideal.

But there’s a lot that humans still do right behind the wheel. You might be waiting a while if you’re waiting for full autonomy to fix all your problems.


UPDATE: 10:22 EST. Vahid deleted his tweet, sadly. Below is a screencap to be preserved forever, along with another for-the-record-books reply. As ever, never tweet.


UPDATE: 11:15 EST. Vahid is now sadly backtracking, saying the tweet was just a joke! lol!