Lada Towing Lada Goes Bad Very Quick

If you’ve got a Lada, chances are high that at some point it will need a tow. But perhaps you are the do-it-yourself-type. “Screw hiring a professional!” you declare. “I’ll do it myself!”


This is an imagined conversation I had in my head just now regarding the though process of the driver in the green Lada, who appears to have secured the white Lada to his own car to tow it somewhere. Unfortunately, the towing latch snaps as he crosses the intersection, leaving the white Lada soaring across the road to t-bone another car.

But what’s most surprising is that somebody was in the white Lada the whole time! With a driver at the wheel, you’d think that things wouldn’t go so completely off the rails, right? Anyway, it doesn’t look like anyone got hurt, so I’ll take this opportunity to remind you to get you stuff towed professionally if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Tom McParland

Doesn’t seem like they had...

A Lada practice before attempting this.