You can always count on Lamborghini to make a batshit concept. Look no further than its latest example: the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, which means “third millennium” in Italian. It’s here as a stunning (and stationary) idea for now, but one that the Italian automaker hopes will set the stage for the supercars of tomorrow.

Electric cars and autonomy are the next era of the automotive industry. And Lamborghini, keen on not being left behind, joined up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year in order to “rewrite the rules on super sports cars.”

Batteries, as Lamborghini boldly claims in its press release, aren’t energy dense enough, which is why it will aim to develop a new kind of supercapacitor and give each wheel an electric motor—making the car four-wheel drive. This will supposedly open the car’s design up to better weight-saving and aerodynamics.

And while we’re on the subject of design, Lamborghini is also talking about making the car’s carbon fiber’s structure self-healing (somehow). As Road & Track breaks it down:

As if that’s not radical enough, the Terzo Millennio’s carbon fiber structure can heal itself if there are any cracks or damages from an accident. If the car detects carbon-fiber damage, micro-channels generate heat to seal cracks and mitigate risk of any further damage.

That sounds cool as hell but also sort of reminds me of a creepy bug.

Anyway, Lamborghini’s partnership with MIT is expected to last three years. The Verge, which is at the Terzo Millennio’s unveiling in Boston right now, reports that it’s costing the company €200,000 ($232,285) per year, but the conversation was shushed before more details could be revealed.


I hope you aren’t afraid of an electric Lamborghini because this seems to be it, but Lamborghini says that it’s “looking for every opportunity to generate the sound of the Terzo Millennio.” So it’ll sound good, at least. We hope.

Also, the Terzo Millennio, if something like it even happens, seems like it’s years and years away. The hybrid Urus and hybrid Huracán, though... those are most likely going to come about pretty soon.