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Very Bad Driver Jumps A Curb And Wrecks More Than A Dozen Cars At A Kentucky Dealer

A Kentucky driver this week attempted to pass someone on the road, and instead jumped a curb before striking more than a dozen cars sin the lot of a Chevy dealership. Chalk it up to very bad driving.


Speaking with Wave 3 News in Kentucky, the owner of the Chevy dealer, Stephen Montgomery, said police called him with a perplexing explanation about how the crash happened.


Here’s Wave 3:

“‘There’s uh been an accident,’” Montgomery said, impersonating the officer. “‘It was kind of off Dixie and they kind of hit a lot of cars.’ Ok, how many? ‘It’s pretty bad.’”

More than a dozen cars were destroyed in a wreck where police said a driver hit a curb trying to pass someone, and then bounced up onto cars lining the side of the road at the Big M Chevy dealership.

And that’s... it. As the Wave3 newscaster put it, the crash was the talk of Radcliff, the Kentucky city where Montgomery owns Big M Chevy.

Jeffery Cross, Radcliff’s police chief, summed up the crash as “quite unusual” Uh, yeah man.


“No suspicion of driving under the influence,” Cross told Wave 3. “Nothing reckless.”

All in all, the driver hit seven Chevrolet Cruzes, five Malibus, two Impalas, and a Sonic, the chief told the news outlet.


Motorists had a heyday passing by the scene, Wave 3 reports.

Drivers stared and shouted and even customers asked what happened.

“They said, ‘Who did you piss off?!,’” Montgomery said laughing. “What’s your ex-girlfriend look like?”


What I can’t wrap my head around is how the driver managed to strike all these cars.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

I mean, what the hell? Was the driver in the right lane, trying to pass someone on ... the right?

Montgomery’s insurance is expected to cover the damage.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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“Montgomery’s insurance is expected to cover the damage.”

Wait, shouldn’t the driver’s insurance cover it? I don’t really know how insurance works; just curious.