Sebastian Vettel's Loose Screw Caused His Race Suit To Get Soiled Right On The Butt

Ferrari Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel complained of a burning sensation down below during Free Practice 2 in Mexico only to discover that his car’s onboard fire extinguisher had gone off, WTF1 reports. The cause was a loose screw. Naturally, I’m writing this for the brilliant headline possibilities.

“Something burst. Something burst. Aah! Some acid or something. My seat—I think it might be the extinguisher, I’m not sure,” Vettel radioed over about thirty minutes into the session.


The extinguisher left a hilariously placed stain right along the butt crack of Vettel’s race suit like you’d get if you somehow pooped runny Juggalo makeup.


The cause of the embarrassing stain was later determined to be a loose screw, as Vettel told Fox Sports Asia:

Some screw came loose and obviously the pressure found its way out which wasn’t that pleasant for me.

Fortunately, Vettel was able to put on a clean race suit and set the fourth fastest time of Free Practice 2 once the onboard fire system had been fixed.

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