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What Are Some Aging Cars That Don't Look Old Yet?

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Last night, I was watching Fight Club with a group and somebody who had never seen it before (I know, disgusting) asked when the movie was released. This was after multiple heavy-CGI scenes, and all of us dumb idiots guessed sometime in the early-to-mid 2000s. Turns out it was 1999, which blew most of our minds.


My point with that example is that Fight Club looks really damn good for a pre-Y2K movie that relies heavily on visual effects. Sometimes cars can also be this deceptive! As Car Throttle lists in its latest video, there are quite a few older or aging designs that still look sexy and fresh (not that old can’t be sexy):

This list is definitely longer. Some of the weird, forgettable final Oldsmobiles and Saturns could still get away as a modern look when you compare it to some of the recent Hyundai and Kia designs. The old-new Ford GT is just as timeless as the original, most recent Alfa Romeos are still convincing, and the past few generations of Corvette haven’t aged too quickly.


There are plenty more, so I’m handing this over to you folks. Show me some aging cars that could still pull it off on a dealer lot.

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I own dead car brands only

The Saab 9-5. It is six years old but I could pass it off as new. A bit of a bias as this one is mine