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One run at Byron Dragway’s World Power Wheel Standing Championship—which delightfully is a real thing that exists—went very wrong for driver Jason Schubert. Schubert’s 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass veered off-course and into the wall, tumbling several times after the hit.

This has to be the most terrifying experience ever. For one, your view ahead is of your car’s hood—not of anything else. Two, your steering wheels are up in the air, so you can’t exactly steer out of it.


Schubert told DragZine that he was communicating via radio with his crew, but didn’t hear of any problems before he hit the wall. This isn’t the kind of surprise I ever want to get.

Schubert miraculously walked away from his epic barrel roll. He had preciously won the event in 2015, but had to settle for the Most Violent Wheel Stand prize and a runner-up finish this year.


The World Power Wheel Standing Championships is an incredible event dedicated to flying those front wheels high, so here’s some footage that includes runs that went just fine, just for good measure:

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