More car and heist movies are never a bad thing—usually they involve exciting chase scenes. And now it looks like Netflix will add its own feature to the mix.


It’s called Wheelman and it stars Frank Grillo as the Wheelman. Frank Grillo was one of the SHIELD Hydra guys in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Anyway, now he’s a getaway driver for some bank robbers, but when he gets double-crossed, he has to find out who screwed him over, according to the IMDB page. Sure!

Here’s the trailer for Wheelman:

And it looks interesting! It looks interesting. I mean, I’m pulling this from merely a trailer, but the shots seem tight and the style is nice and gloomy, just like I like it. And there appear to be some exciting scenes involving cars and driving them quickly.


Netflix has produced some kickass originals as of late, like Stranger Things and Glow. Those are pretty good titles to go by, if we’re to go by anything. Wheelman will be released on Oct. 20 on Netflix.

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