Apollo Is Back With The Naturally Aspirated Supercar Revolution We Need

Ever since Gumpert went bankrupt we’ve seen hints and signs of a possible Apollo resurrection, and even an actual car last year—the Apollo Arrow at the Geneva Motor Show—but aside from an announcement last October that more would be coming, we’ve seen pretty much nothing. Until now! Here’s video of a new Apollo given to us by a source with knowledge of the situation, suggesting that something is in the works.


According to the source, the new Apollo is being built in Italy with a naturally aspirated engine under the hood. What was left of Gumpert was purchased by investors from Hong Kong in 2015, and we are told they are financing this latest model, which is being built in Italy.

The old Gumpert Apollo
The old Gumpert Apollo

We’ll say it again: The new Apollo has a naturally aspirated engine, making it an anomaly in this brave new world of increasingly ubiquitous turbochargers and hybrids. Unlike the old Gumpert Apollos, the engine will not be made by Audi, we’re told.

The car will be entering a very crowded market for supercars, though if it’s anything like its predecessors it will come with the proper credentials. We don’t know the exact engine specifications for the new one, but the old Gumpert Apollo had a top speed of 224 mph, and generated 780 horsepower, while the Apollo Arrow in Geneva was said to produce up to 1,000 HP and nearly 740 lb-ft of torque.

The new one will not have the Gumpert name, though they should consider reviving one moniker from that era: Call it the Explosion. More cars should be called Explosion.

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