Uber Charges Passenger Clueless About Surge Pricing $925 For Ride

Photo credit ABC7
Photo credit ABC7

An Illinois woman reportedly unaware of Uber’s surge pricing found out how badly the tactic can sting after taking a 100-mile ride recently that ended with her being charged $925. Uber has since refunded the rider, chalking it up to a “perfect storm” of confusion, according to ABC7 in Chicago.


Typically, the ride would cost about $120, reports ABC7. But Michelle Fox told the news outlet that she was unwittingly hit with a price about eight times higher.

The trip took Fox and a friend from Tinley Park, to O’Hare Airport, and then back to the area near Tinley. Fox claimed she was unaware about the surge charges, which passengers must accept before taking a ride.

“And then I contacted Uber and said this was a really strange charge,” she told the news outlet. “The only way to contact them is through the app. There’s no resolution to this, this is literally like I feel robbed.”

The news station reports that Fox didn’t receive a refund until a reporter called the company.

Fox: “I felt so strongly that that had to have been a mistake.”

On the phone, an Uber spokesperson told the I-Team it was a “perfect storm” of confusion which occurred partially because Fox changed her destination and added the O’Hare stop to the trip after her Uber arrived.

Uber said: “We have refunded the rider for the charges related to her ride including the additional 93 miles she added to the trip. We are proud to provide safe, reliable rides for all Chicagoans and encourage riders to input all desired stops into the app upfront to receive a correct fare estimate.”


It’s good Uber cleared it up. I hope the driver was able to keep their cut, though.

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The whole surge pricing thing is bullshit, anyway. Whether there are 10 people who need a ride and 10 drivers or 1000 people who need a ride and 10 drivers, there are still 10 people who are going to get a ride. Surge pricing simply caters to people with more money. Sure, I understand that this is how the free market works, and a small (maybe 2x?) increase is alright, but 7.8x? Come on.