Tongass Highway in Ketchikan, Alaska. Image: AP
Tongass Highway in Ketchikan, Alaska. Image: AP

Look at those highway lines above. They are bad! The state of Alaska, which painted them recently in Ketchikan, Alaska, acknowledges that they are bad and, in some cases, staining cars. But the state also says they won’t redo them, what they are doing is offering some some good tips on how to clean your paint-stained car! Nice!


What exactly happened here? According to the Associated Press, the lines were painted in a time of high humidity in southeast Alaska, where Ketchikan is located. The poor weather conditions meant that the paint dried slower than it normally does. Also, the state Department of Transportation was trying out a new line-painting system. Both things added up to disaster.

From the AP:

Bob Sivertson, a Ketchikan city council member, called it the poorest line painting work he’s seen.


It’s the poorest line painting work Bob Sivertson has ever seen! And Bob sounds like a city council member who knows his lines. I have to agree with Bob.

Anyway, if you were unfortunate enough to be driving along the Tongass Highway when the paint was still wet, and your car got stained, a spokeswoman for the state DOT offered some pointers.

Per the AP:

She said people with cars that got paint on them should have the vehicles pressure washed.

If the car washes don’t work, she recommended spraying WD-40 lubricant on areas stained with yellow paint. The lubricant should be left on cars for up to two hours before washing them.

And if that does not work, she said, they should put a “liberal coating of Vaseline” on the car areas stained yellow. It should be left on the cars overnight before getting the vehicles pressure washed, Bailey said.


Damn. You’re on your own in the last frontier.

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