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ā€¢ Kia UK's got a brilliant idea. Take 20 single guys, 20 single gals ā€” put them into their new minicar, the "Picanto Date" ā€” give them the keys and then send them to a pub. They called it their "Drive Dating" event. We'd call it a lawsuit waiting to happen. [Global Auto Systems]
ā€¢ Buy a comic book ā€” and be sold an advert for Pontiac. [Freep]
ā€¢ The Mercedes-Benz recall-edition SLR. [DCX via PRNewswire]
ā€¢ Looks like we've got to cross this one off of our list of "best excuses" to use when caught speeding at 130mph through London streets. []

ā€¢ Car hits horses. Horses and old man need to be put down. []