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This is the stuff of movies. Literally. Except the car didn’t explode. Thank god for that!


Earlier this month, Jeseace Quick was stopped on the tracks in her car when the railroad arms came down in High Point, NC, reports local news outlet WFMY. In the dashcam video from the car facing her, you can see her exit the vehicle to get the fuck out of the way before an oncoming Norfolk Southern train slammed into it.

After that, Quick left the scene (and her car), but turned herself into police a few days later. Traffic officer A. Goins told the outlet, “We certainly understand the driver getting out of the vehicle and moving to safety and we are glad they were able to do so but anytime you are involved in an accident it’s always best to remain at the scene and speak with officers.”


Quick was charged with No Operator’s License and also cited for a railroad crossing violation. But I’m glad she wasn’t hurt! That’s a seriously scary thing to go through and definitely one of my top 10 fears.

Correction: A previous version of this story identified the train as an Amtrak train, when it was actually a Norfolk Southern train. This story has been corrected. 

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No one ever trains for these situations.