Man Pissed Off At BMW Continues Destroying Cars To Make His Point

Photo: Marcus Kufner/YouTube (screengrab)
Photo: Marcus Kufner/YouTube (screengrab)

A businessman from Italy named Hadi Pourmohseni was so disappointed with the quality of his leased 2008 BMW M6 and with the dealer’s service that he decided to ruin the car with a sledgehammer and axe outside the Frankfurt Motor Show. That was in 2013. On Tuesday (over four years later) Pourmohseni set a 7 Series on fire outside of BMW headquarters in Munich. This guy just needs to get over it.

Oh, but don’t think Hadi has only destroyed BMWs on those two occasions. In 2014, he actually fixed up the car he had sledgehammered/axed the year prior, only so he could smash it with a sledgehammer again outside of the Geneva Motor Show. Then in 2015, he set a BMW Z3 on fire, according to German newspaper Münchner Merkur.

Clearly, destroying BMWs has become this guy’s thing.

He’s doing it because the car he leased in Italy nine years ago, a 2008 BMW M6, allegedly had significant rattles and transmission shifting issues, and BMW’s dealers supposedly dismissed his concerns. So Pourmohseni stopped his payments for a car that he felt was not what the company had promised; the result, according to German news site FOCUS Online, was a “loss of creditworthiness.” (It’s worth noting that BMW told Münchner Merkur that it offered to fix Pourmohseni’s car, but he declined).


Now he’s supposed to give the car back to the manufacturer, and he’s not thrilled about it, telling Merkur (translated from German):“A joke! Even if I don’t drive it anymore, don’t take my evidence away!”

So, to once again show his displeasure with the Bavarian automaker, he set a BMW 7 Series ablaze outside of BMW’s headquarters (near Olympiapark in Munich), and stood with a sign that says “BMW Kundenbetrug Kundenerpressung Prozessbetrug Schaemt Euch!” which translates to “BMW customer deceit customer blackmail process fraud.”

The fire department had to show up to quench the blaze, and police ended up tossing Pourmohseni to the ground and handcuffing him. But even that’s apparently not going to stop Pourmohseni’s antics in the future, as he told FOCUS Online, “I will continue.”

I get how someone could be upset with a lemon, poor customer service, and a soiled credit rating, but eventually this guy needs to get over this. Until then, get ready to continue to see BMW carnage.

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This guy has clearly Hadi-nuff of BMW.