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A Canada Man Got A Ticket For Going One KPH Over The Speed Limit After Passing A Cop

Image: CTV
Image: CTV

A man in Canada tempted fate and could have suffered the consequences if it hadn’t been for a clear-eyed judge. Mathieu Gagne was driving behind a cop on a two-lane road in Alberta, Canada, on Friday when he crossed the broken yellow line in the middle to pass. Gagne told CTV, the officer was driving slower than the posted speed limit. This turned out to be a mistake as the cop proceeded to pull over and cite Gagne for driving a single kph over the limit.


How did the officer know that Gagne was going a single kph over the speed limit? It was, apparently, an educated guess.

From CTV:

Gagne’s girlfriend took to social media to vent about the incident and upload a photo of the ticket in question. The Facebook post appeared to strike a nerve as it attracted thousands of shares and comments.

Gagne won’t have to fight the speeding ticket, however. A representative from Sturgeon County called him on Monday, to say that the fine would be rescinded.

“Upon further review, they did only estimate the driver’s speed and they did not record or measure it on a radar and laser as they indicated on the ticket,” Sturgeon County spokesperson Gwen Wolansky said.


The officer, who was not identified, won’t be disciplined, even though it looked like the incident would have some pretty real consequences for Gagne, namely a ticket that would have cost him 78 Canadian dollars in addition to points on his license.

Personally, I would not tempt fate by passing even a slow-moving cop on a two-lane road, and yet I feel for Gagne here, since it seemingly all could’ve been avoided had one officer stopped, checked his ego, and maybe taken a deep breath.

[h/t Deryck]

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It is a Speed Limit.

People clearly don’t understand what a Limit is. A limit is the maximum of something, aka the fastest speed you are permitted to travel. If you are 1 mph/kph over said limit, you can be pulled over.