Screencap via Facebook; Photo credit: Lars Baron/Getty Images

If there’s anywhere I wouldn’t want to brag about getting away with anything, it’s Singapore—a country so strict, it banned chewing gum. However, yet again, someone made it onto the track at Singapore when they weren’t supposed to. At least they ventured out there while the race wasn’t running this time.

Screencap via Facebook


A Facebook screenshot that has been altered to blur faces as well as the poster’s name has made its way onto Yahoo and Business Insider showing a happy couple on the Singapore Grand Prix street circuit around 3 a.m. local time. Yahoo says the screencap was first posted by All Singapore Stuff, where it caught the eye of Singapore Grand Prix officials. The post has since been pulled from public view on Facebook.

In the post, the poster brags that the way they got down there was less than legal, having bribed a security guard. He also alleges that the guard even took their photo for them.


Normally, I’d be nodding in approval at what they got away with even though it’s probably not a good look for the security guard, as it’s not such a huge deal at most F1 tracks. You’re usually okay at other venues when you’re escorted by a security official who lets you into somewhere you normally don’t have access to. But this is hyper-strict Singapore, a country that still believes in caning for offenses as petty as vandalism. This isn’t going to end well for the tourists or the guard.

Singapore Grand Prix organizers are now investigating the photo as an alleged breach in security as well as an alleged bribery incident. A spokesperson for the event said in a statement (as reprinted by Yahoo):

The safety of our patrons is of utmost priority and we view the allegation of bribery seriously.

We are working with SRS, the appointed security agency assigned to the reported area, to investigate the claim.


A 2015 incident where a man walked onto the track during the Singapore Grand Prix race resulted in six weeks of jail time for him, notes Yahoo. Ouch. Here’s hoping this ends better for this happy couple, but I don’t have a lot of faith that it will. Don’t mess around at the southeast Asian F1 races.