With the recent massive changes for the World Endurance Championship, there will only be one stop in America for us to enjoy next year, and that will be at Sebring. Austin’s Circuit of The Americas has hosted WEC each of the past five years, and I am probably not the only person who is sad to see if go.

Each year, the heat and humidity of Austin beats upon fans and teams with no mercy, as a test of wits and stamina. The action on track kicked up the normally blazing conditions even more.

We hope to have you back in Texas sooner than later, WEC. In the meantime, gaze upon a few wallpaper-worthy shots from my coverage at COTA.

Neel Jani is super focused in the cockpit, just before qualifying.
Reflections are cool.
leap and yank the tear away
Noted Porsche enthusiast, Magnus Walker.
Matching shades. Well played.
Bruno Senna, in his tribute helmet.
GT train
Cooper MacNeil spectacularly autographed COTA, after winning the Ferrari Challenge race Saturday morning.
Seriously cool goggles.
That fine mist as he pulls the fuel rig.
Golden Hour
Headed into scrutineering
I took a selfie. I should be ashamed.
Celebrating over 50 years of not liking each other very much.
Nice license plate.
Normally known for being an awesome actor, Michael Fassbender is also rather quick in a Ferrari.
Parc Ferme is tightly packed.
Victory sprays rock.
When you try to drop the bottle from the podium to your teammates, and you find out catching wasn’t that team member’s finest skill.

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