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ā€¢ E85, B-100, B-20, B-52's? We're so confused. [Freep]
ā€¢ DaimlerChrysler wants to go after the 5-0 market. [Canoe Money]
ā€¢ One of these days, there will be a Kennedy born who isn't cursed. [NYT]
ā€¢ This is what happens when you're a car thief ā€” you die a fiery, fiery death. [icLiverpool]
ā€¢ Forget about that whole "World War II" thing ā€” Nissan's building a plant in mother Russia. [Daily Times]

ā€¢ Students used ramps to get the car on to the roof. [Newsday]
ā€¢ Germany's got an upmarket hegemon. [Detroit News]