$17k NASCAR Tailgating Trailer Is Drool-Worthy

Illustration for article titled $17k NASCAR Tailgating Trailer Is Drool-Worthy

We regularly mock anything and everything NASCAR-related around these parts, but you can't deny the fanbase of this racing sport, as proven by this ridiculously amazing NASCAR-themed tailgating trailer. It is loaded up with a full size stainless steel Cal Flame grill, CD/DVD combo deck, JVC stereo system with two 12-inch subs, storage compartments for coolers, racing tires, customized rims and enough diamond plate to make truckers jealous. All of this is available for $17,000 on eBay and it currently has zero bids. [eBay via Slashgear]

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Jeff Glucker

@Dr.Danger's got juice!: where is your usual photoshop flair?