Multiple People Charged For Stunting During Enthusiast Friend's Funeral Procession


Four people have been charged and police are looking for others involved in “stunting” during a friend’s funeral procession in Enfield, Nova Scotia. When I go out, I want all of you to show up and rip sick burnouts in my memory, too.


According to CBCNews, police claim the estimated 15 people stunting during their friend’s funeral procession did so recklessly and without permission. They just don’t get it, do they?

From CBCNews:

Dozens of four-wheelers, race cars and mud trucks took part in the procession Thursday down Highway 2 to St. Bernard’s Catholic Church where a funeral was being held for Christopher (Kipper) McCulloch.

McCulloch, 44, died suddenly of a heart attack at his home on Aug. 11. His obituary describes him as a devoted father who loved spending time with his son, Christopher.

He was also a race team member with a passion for mudding, four-wheeling and sledding.

And, from an updated article:

“I think it’s important to point out that there was a daycare, a group of children, who were walking along at the time when this happened and we did speak with people from that daycare and they were fearful for the sake of the children because of the noise, because of the smoke and the potential of flying debris striking one of the children,” said RCMP Sgt. Dwayne Kelly.

I wanted to side on behalf of the group of hooligans who arrived with all sorts of four-wheelers, trucks, and even stock cars apparently, but I can’t. Apparently police attempted to intervene and stop the reckless fun-having and were ignored. Police also claim there was a daycare operating nearby that was concerned for the safety of the children.

The procession’s antics marked the public road with tire marks (the horror) and filled the streets with thick smoke (it happens), according to the police, and videos taken at the scene and posted to social media are now being used to identify all of the individuals involved.


Apparently the scene was so chaotic, a police cruiser was involved in a minor bump-up after the officer jumped out and let their cruiser roll into another car. This doesn’t sound like any funeral I’ve ever been to, but it would make for good TV.

It’s great to see McCulloch’s friends and family celebrating his life doing what he was passionate about, but there’s no good reason to go and do it on public streets, especially with kids nearby and after the police have asked you to stop.


If you want to be celebrated like this after you pass, consider throwing a bit of insurance money in your will towards renting a private area for people to wild out until the frowns turn back to smiles.

This post has been updated to include a quote from the police spokesperson about the severity of the situation.

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It’s a fucking public street, not a dragstrip. When you’re an adult you might understand. Thankfully you have an adult editor who made you add in that paragraph towards the end.