What's The Best Convertible?

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There’s been a lot of convertible talk around here lately, particularly about the phases Mazda went through with the latest Miata generation and the introduction of Ferrari’s new entry-level Portofino. Is either of those the best? Is there a better convertible?


I have sadly never owned a convertible, but for some odd reason (maybe it is the summertime), whenever I think about cars lately, I think about how badly I want to drive without a roof over my head. I’ve only briefly experienced the pleasure of the sky while moving in a car on a few occasions. The first was in a friend’s mom’s Saab 9-3 convertible that I misguidedly attempted to do a burnout with in the parking lot of a movie theater. The second was a few enjoyable rides in my sister’s Jeep Wrangler.

I would like to drive one myself on a longer journey. I’d also like to sit freely on a back bench seat and explore what it’s like to sprawl out and stare into the clouds with the wind whipping in my hair, face and ears. I want to hang my arms out of the side and look over the bodywork, down at the road and contemplate the excitement of being so exposed.

I’m sure many others have had many more experiences. What’s the best convertible you’ve owned? Obviously this is subjective. But what’s the dream? The end-game? The motivation? Which convertible would you like to end up with on the farther stretches of your life path?

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