We Could See A Mercedes Electric Compact Concept Very Soon: Report

Pictured: the Generation EQ crossover concept. Not the compact concept.
Pictured: the Generation EQ crossover concept. Not the compact concept.

Fans of gasoline and loud noises can make their own loud noises of protest all they want but it ain’t changing shit: electric cars are the future. That’s why Mercedes will offer a buttload of them soon and could show off another concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, this time an electric compact car.


Last summer, we learned that Mercedes filed a bunch of UK trademark applications that used its electric brand EQ prefix, including EQA. These were likely different EQ models. Word from Auto Express, though it doesn’t cite any sources, is that a compact EQA concept might show its face next month:

Mercedes has confirmed it will reveal a fresh EQ concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, which will be a compact car previewing a future EQA entry into the firm’s upcoming line-up of EQ branded electric cars.

For now, details are scant – we’ve only heard official confirmation of the concept’s presence in Frankfurt next month, and no teasers have been issued. It’ll prove to be an important concept though, being an early showcase what will become one of the entry-level offerings in Mercedes’ EQ range.

The first EQ concept we saw was the Generation EQ crossover, which sported zany blue light like VIKI from I, Robot, had 400 horsepower and a 310-mile range. It was sleek and futuristic-looking and if this is the design language that we can expect from EQ, then I’m for it.

When asked for comment regarding the EQA at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes declined to answer. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Cyrus Ramsey wishes he'd thought this through

I like the idea, but why oh why do automakers still think they have to make electric cars look all weird and futuristic? Maybe it draws attention, but I think it would draw more sales if they just made them look like normal, non-weird cars for a change. Not everybody who drives an electric car wants it to scream “LOOK AT ME, I’M DIFFERENT” all the time.