The Solar Eclipse Was Neat But This Eclipse Has Over 1,200 Horsepower

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I’m a big fan of today’s eclipse. It hit my little patch of land during the brightest part of the day, partially obscuring the sun and providing very welcome shade. But our sadly partial view of the natural eclipse was not as cool as the world’s fastest Mitsubishi Eclipse, which has over 1,200 horsepower.

Jeff Bush’s ultra-boosted 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse clinched the fastest quarter-mile elapsed time ever in a DSM with an incredible 7.38-second run last year at Maryland International Raceway. On that run, it got up to 187.94 mph. Holy crap.


Bush’s Eclipse is all-wheel-drive, hence the lack of wheelies and drama off the line. Forced Performance has a list of mods, for the curious, which includes a massive FP HTZ GT4580R turbocharger and a 2G automatic transmission built for racing duty by Metro Transmission. My favorite mod, of course, has to be the note on the car’s digital dashboard:

“Floor pans are safe.” You’ve got to watch out for that in these cars, you know—especially for a sub-10-second build.

Fuel Injector Clinic, who supplied the 2150cc injectors for Bush’s build, lists the horsepower as “1200+.” I like the sound of that “plus” at the end. It’s so much power that it blew its own door off on one pass:

Meanwhile, the lazy moon outside took, what, a couple hours to make its way across the sun? Get it together, nature. You’re slow.

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Well, in the defense of the ‘slow’ nature, doing the math would prove otherwise.

This Eclipse did ¼ mile in 7.38 seconds with 1200+ horsepower, and it is modded extensively. A gen2 AWD Eclipse weighs about 1430 kgs.

The moon will do a ¼ mile 0.391 seconds – with considerably more weight. 7.35 x 1022 kg

My back-of-the-napkin math would show that the moon would therefore have to make at least 1500+ horsepower – STOCK.

Just sayin….