Watch How Insanely Far You Can Drive On Empty In An Old Honda Accord

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It’s not a good idea to ride the fuel tank down to empty, and yet I’ve gone on half a dozen food trips over the span of a week with the little light on before, each caloric quest inching up my anxiety but having no effect on my laziness. If this Car Throttle test is anything to go by, get an old Honda Accord and you won’t even need to be anxious.


Nobody ever really wants to be surprised by their car, but sometimes good surprises do happen. In the latest episode from Car Throttle’s myth-busting series, they went on a journey to see just how far their early-2000s Honda Accord (with nearly 200,000 miles on the clock) could go with the needle on the “E”:

The result ended up being insane, at least to my eyes. Their attempt was initially to reach 50 miles, and they essentially doubled that range. And that’s with the needle pegged on E, not just when the light came on.

I feel lied to. I do know that when I fill up my car, the trip meter tells me I could reach 400 miles on a tank, and then by the time it’s yelling at me to refuel, I’ve only just made it beyond 300 miles. Granted, my MPGs are decent but I’m obviously losing some range in the way I’m driving, but I think I may have just found where a decent chunk of my “missing” mileage is sitting.

I’m not about to find out how far my car will go, though. It’s time for me to be more responsible in even the most basic day-to-day activities anyway. I need to start somewhere.

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The older Vipers show E with 12 gallons left in the tank, which get you about 6 miles.