Here Are Your Absolute Worst Convertible Stories

Conversely, this was a wonderful day. Image credit: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik
Conversely, this was a wonderful day. Image credit: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik

It’s easy to get lost in the appeal of a convertible. The wind in your hair, the openness of the experience and the smell of the fresh air are all tantalizing possibilities when you put the top down. Of course, it’s not always all sunshine and smiles.


Last week, I asked you guys for your worst convertible stories. Did you lose your favorite hat? Did you get sunburned so badly that you were barely recognizable?

Also, why are you guys parking your convertibles outside with the top down? That’s just an invitation for bullshit to happen!

I brought a Fiat 124 Spider Abarth home this weekend and my dad kept saying that he just “doesn’t get” convertibles. I’m sure these stories will help him rest his case.

The Blues (ThatGuyWhoBuysUnreliableCrap)

I am not imagining this shame. Congratulations on the new car, though!


Sad Track Day (TheCrudMan)

Be sure to check out the GIF.


Doggo (Sam O)

Nightmares. At least it was a lesson learned.


Bird Down (MogulRacer)

I’m sorry, but I probably would have laughed, too.


Universe Speaks (kill it kid)

Maybe... Jolene 4.0 is the charm?


Bugs (StoneColdSteveUrkel)

BRB burning down everything.


Another Animal (SmugAardvark)

At least it wasn’t a gator this time.


Panic (TriggerTX)

Beautiful car.


Bruised (Fat Alonso)

Glad he wasn’t too hurt!


Crows (CarsofFortLangley)

Don’t mess with them, they’re smart!


Dodge (Telecaster1959)

Here’s a tip: the people who only will date you because of the car you have aren’t worth dating at all.


Wildlife (TooManyCars,TooLittleTime)

Why would you do this?


Charge Through (sobe_death)

Maybe not through hail.


Hiss (GetHothInTheHothTub)

There’s a Shelby joke in here somewhere.


Cattle (WOT is Love 2)

Is that rain... ? NO IT IS NOT.


Deer In The Headlights (bigmodernmess)

Deer in the cabin.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.


I got one.

Had a PT Cruiser Convertible for a rental once.

That is all.