Jeremy Clarkson Is The Latest Grand Tour Host To Be Hospitalized, This Time For Pneumonia

Screenshot via The Grand Tour
Screenshot via The Grand Tour

Former Top Gear and current The Grand Tour co-host Jeremy Clarkson has been hospitalized for pneumonia while on vacation, marking the second time one of the show’s hosts has been delayed from filming for health scares this year.

Clarkson is currently on vacation in Majorca and was hospitalized on Friday, according to a statement from a Grand Tour spokesperson. According to the BBC, he won’t be able to return to work for at least another week, and joked on his Drivetribe fan page that he was annoyed because he hasn’t had a day off since 1978. I completely believe him.


This is the second time a Grand Tour host has been hospitalized this year, with Clarkson following co-host Richard Hammond, who was lucky to make it out alive after a major crash in a Rimac electric supercar during filming back in June.

It’s still not completely clear whether or not Hammond’s crash, and now Clarkson’s illness, will impact or delay the filming for the second season of their Amazon Prime show. Here’s just hoping both Hammond and Clarkson are recovering well, and that James May has locked himself somewhere sterile, temperate and safe so he can ride out whatever hex is haunting the show’s leads.

The Grand Tour is set to return to Amazon Prime this October, granted we can all make it there in one piece.


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As you get older, pneumonia is one of those things that can randomly take you out. It is not to be taken lightly.