Velocity And MotorTrend's The Enthusiast Network Create Money Farm Through New Joint Venture

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Discovery Communication’s Velocity has been coupled with TEN: The Enthusiast Network in a new joint venture, bringing together brands like MotorTrend and Roadkill, notable for nearly being all the way up the ass of Fiat Chrysler, with the TV network’s existing properties in a new massive automotive media empire.


Velocity is probably best known for shows like the soon-to-be-horrible Wheeler Dealers, as well as the seriously-titled show Bitchin’ Rides and its heart pounding streaming of the Barrett-Jackson auctions, and it will now be joining TEN’s available on-demand media service with the likes of MotorTrend, HotRod, Roadkill, Ignition and others that used to be free on YouTube, with a claimed access to over 100,000 financially-frisky paying subscribers.

According to the announcement, the new joint venture will be an “unrivaled destination for automotive enthusiasts, auto buyers and advertisers”, (here is where I would put the money eyes emoji), with Discovery holding a majority stake.

Upon closing of the transaction, the venture, to be called TEN: A Discovery Communications Company, will offer advertisers a unified offering with a combined reach of more than 150 million automotive superfans, car buyers and a quality male audience. The new venture will also bring proven expertise in the branded content space, as well as sophisticated audience targeting capabilities.


“This venture is about giving advertisers the quintessential way to reach auto enthusiasts, prospective car buyers and an affluent male audience that buys a lot more than cars,” said Paul Guyardo, Chief Commercial Officer for Discovery Communications. “It’s also about giving consumers OTT access to world-class automotive content on every screen.”

Sorry ladies.

TEN’s print businesses, including MotorTrend, Automobile—which was recently overhauled to finally be a car magazine for the menand its other print outlets will not directly contribute, but there will be a “commercial agreement” for cross-promotion with the new media platform, kind of like that time Jeremy Clarkson had to shill Nick Mason’s book on the BBC without being too obvious so he could drive a Ferrari Enzo.

So MotorTrend and the like get access to real television, and Velocity gets access to a sizable on-demand audience, which will probably kill television. Sounds like a smart deal, a match made in heaven, and perfectly balanced.

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As a car centric publication shouldn’t you be doing more cheerleading for any car related show/magazine/whatever rather than practicing your oh so subtle sarcasm and seeming jealousy? I like Roadkill, a lot. I wish them every opportunity to expand and make more Roadkill. So what if they have a sponsor? It’s not like that makes them not beat the holy crap out of the provided cars and parts in the interest of having fun and being entertaining. I know it is cool to bash on everyone and everything, but just let it go, man.