Ferrari Owner Wrecks $288,000 F430 Scuderia Just One Hour After Buying It

Ever purchase something above-par—say, a nice pen—and then go on to lose it later that day? Agh, that’s the worst. Ever drop $288,000 on a Ferrari F430 Scuderia and then go on to crash it an hour later? No? That’s what happened on Thursday in the United Kingdom, and, man, I cannot imagine how the driver feels today.

In what South Yorkshire Police called a “miracle escape” (look at the photos below yourself), the driver made it out with only “minor cuts and bruises” after the vehicle left the road and suddenly “burst into flames.”


The scenario was laid out in an oddly cheerful statement from police on Facebook that’s replete with, no joke, emojis.

After the driver explained he was in a Ferrari, officers said they “detected a sense of damaged pride.”

“I’ve only just got it,” the driver said, “picked it up an hour ago.”


Police later said they don’t “believe excess speed was a contributory factor in this collision,” according to CNBC.

As you can probably guess, the car doesn’t look like it stands a chance to be salvaged. Hopefully it lived a fruitful hour. There’s said to be less than 500 Scuds ever made, and the F430 can move 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, with a top reported speed of 198 mph, CNBC says.


Sorry about your loss, unnamed Sad Driver. Glad you’re OK, though.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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Excess speed was not a contributory factor in this collision.” Assuming that’s the road way back there up on the ridge, I’d be curious to know how dingleberry got his car that far into a field and over/through a fence without overindulging in a bit of spirited motoring. Maybe just composing a very important SMS?