McLaren Is Developing Another Track Focused Street-Legal Hypercar To Follow The P1: Report

Renderings via Autocar, used with permission.
Renderings via Autocar, used with permission.

This time last year, a report suggested that McLaren was working on a three-seater hypercar inspired by the iconic McLaren F1. Now another report, also from Autocar, suggests that we’ll be getting an Ultimate Series McLaren P1 replacement first.


McLaren has openly discussed its F1-inspired hypercar happening by the end of the decade, so that’s exciting. Now, considering competition from the likes of Aston Martin’s upcoming F1-inspired hypercar, it could make sense for them to develop a track-focused road car for people who missed that boat.

The new report from Autocar details a P1 replacement code-named the P15, set to use the carbon tub from the McLaren 720S and the familiar 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 modified to produce almost 800 horsepower. The new car may also cut weight down compared to the P1 with no hybrid setup, making for a better power-to-weight ratio.

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The new car is set to be a performance halo for McLaren, pitched as a road-going track car. The carbon fiber bodywork is said to be modeled for function over form, which could make for a dramatic appearance, and would be littered with active aerodynamic bits.

The report suggests that the car will be privately revealed to prospective owners later this year, and then publicly revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March of next year, with a price around that of the million-dollar P1. There was also the suggestion of an eventual GTR version to follow.


There you have it; McLaren may be working on another hypercar to follow the P1. It just seems confusing that they would develop this if they were also doing that three-seater F1-homage rumored last year, even if this would come first. Either way, it may or may not be happening.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to reflect that McLaren has confirmed development of a three-seater hypercar.

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I often wonder why they don’t ever reach out to Gordon Murray, and see if he’d be interested in designing an F1 followup.