What's The Worst Cartoon Car?

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I'm not going to lie — I love cartoon cars. Maybe it's my inherently juvenile nature, but there's something that will always get my attention about a really well-executed cartoonificated car. And, thanks to my love of awful things, I also really love the terrible ones. But which terrible cartoon car is the worst?

This is really pretty tricky, since there's a lot of terrible cartoon cars to pick from. In researching, though I think I found one really good standout: Turbo Teen.

What is Turbo Teen? I think this should be all the answer you need:

So, a kid who drives through laboratories gets merged with his car and turns into an 80s Firebird. It's the transition scenes that are really horrible. I'm just glad they cut the sequence where his scrotum becomes the differential.


So what do all of you think? What's your pick for worst cartoon car?

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that stupid 350z in the marvel movie intro. You know, where they flip through a bunch of comic pages all super fast, and then it resolves into the marvel comics logo.

Every time I see it I'm like "I know one of those panels contained a 350z. I know what I saw"

Finally I came home, you tubed the guardians of the galaxy preview and went through it frame by frame.