This Leaked 2018 Ford Mustang Order Guide Is Full Of Graphic Stripes

Scanned images from an alleged catalog for the upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang refresh have been leaked, and among the updated factory-installed options are many new looks which mostly just include graphic stripes.


Mustang owners, or those out there who somehow still want a Mustang but do not own one (there’s always so many, how can there always be so many by now?), must be really interested in graphic stripes, because they’re still a distinct factor on two trims of the new Mustang, according to this guide posted by disneyfun1 on the forums.

Personally, I can’t decide if this “Ecoboost Premium Pony Package” look works better on the new car, or the 2008 model it reminds me of. It doesn’t help that it comes with the most unfortunate name, too.

The other featured, perhaps questionable design flourish is again a graphic stripe, but this time it’s a single black blade that follows the flares on the “Ecoboost Wheel and Stripe Package” Mustang. The different wheels are pretty nice, though.


The coolest of the bunch is the new “Black Accent Package” on the GT, with a blackened roof panel, grille, wheels and lip spoiler. No graphic stripes here!


The all-new option in the guide is a “Carbon Sport Interior Package” that features a carbon fiber shift knob and instrument panel, as well as Alcantara leather inserts on the seats and door panels.


Overall these are mostly just minor tweaks to the existing factory option lineup, but some do have a drastic cosmetic affect on the car. The great thing about Mustang ownership and its community is the individualization of the car, and these new options only make that a little bit easier for buyers. I won’t complain too much.

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