The all-new Kia Stinger GT is shaping up to be a serious contender as a legit sports sedan. The Stinger will have similar power and style like the Audi S5 Sportback but come in at a much lower price. By the looks of this video, it seems like the Kia would be more fun too.


The Kia Stinger GT will soon hit your local showroom and available with two engines either a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo and an available 3.3 liter turbocharged V6 making 365 horsepower. Kia claims the V6 version can hit 60 mph in under five seconds.

The car is currently available in other markets in either rear or all-wheel-drive. The video below looks to be some kind of road test to see how much hoonage you can accomplish in a Kia.

(H/T to Wobbles the Mind on Oppositelock!)