GIF via Mandi Mitchell on Facebook

We have a thing about ragging on Camrys here at Jalopnik—sorry to hurt your feelings, Toyota—but not today. Today, let’s celebrate a group of total strangers buying a man a car after discovering that he walks three miles to and from work every day.

That man is Justin Korva, who works at Taco Casa in Rockwall, Texas. Dallas-area station Fox 4 reports that local resident Andy Mitchell found out Korva, 20, walked to work every day after giving him a ride once. That’s when Korva told Mitchell he was trying to better himself and save up for a car.


Fox 4 reports that Mitchell set up a donation box at a local restaurant, secretly collecting funds to surprise Korva with a car. The Huffington Post reports that Mitchell and the group collected all of the money needed to buy a $5,500 Camry in less than a week, and that they surprised him with it at work on Friday.

Not only did the group bring him a Camry, but Fox 4 reports that the group also collected enough for a $500 gas card, two years’ worth of oil changes and a year of car insurance. The group got the whole thing on video:

Considering that the average person walks a mile in about 15 minutes or more, Korva had to build at least an hour and a half round trip into his workday—rain, shine or hail (there’s a lot of that in Texas).

That’s dedication, and if anyone deserves a car with no strings attached, it’s someone who works that hard. Plus, just think of how many kind people it took to raise well over $6,000 for this whole package. The world hasn’t gone down the drain quite yet, and there really are good people out there.

Hat tip to Clay!