How Acceptable Is It To Wear Automotive Clothing?

Image credit: Lamborghini
Image credit: Lamborghini
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For the record, I’m not talking about funny Blipshift stuff or whatever. I’m talking a T-shirt with a Lamborghini splashed across the chest. A polo with a Ferrari’s prancing horse climbing up its sleeve. How acceptable is it to wear something like that?

I posed this question to the rest of the team. Wrencher in Chief David Tracy thought that it was more acceptable for you to wear a shirt if you don’t own the car. Why, he reasoned, would you want to buy the shirt if you already had the car?

I’m in a different camp. I think it’s slightly toolish to wear a Porsche shirt if you don’t own a Porsche. I know this because I own two Ducati shirts, a Pagani shirt and a long-sleeved Ferrari polo. I don’t have any of those vehicles.


Like that gentleman in the above photo. He’s got on a Lamborghini jacket and a Lamborghini T-shirt underneath it. He’s posing for a Lamborghini catalog photo, sure. But how would you feel if you came across him in your daily life?

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CarsofFortLangley - Oppo Forever

Are we talking like Shirts that say Mustang or Ford or something?

My rules are: 1) You have to own the vehicle 2) Wear in public if you must, not to dinner, work, funerals etc.

I think that wearing it to meets, tracks or just around is fine. I’ve started some good conversations with stuff like that.