Porsche-chu 911, I Choose You!

Photo credit: Steven Harrell

Porsche-chu! No, wait. Pika-leven! Porsche-mon? Whatever you call this 1980 Porsche 911SC dressed up as everyone’s favorite pocket monster Pikachu, it rules.

Photo credit: Steven Harrell

This is gmporschenut’s car from the first-ever OppositeLock Rally—a big, cross-Connecticut scavenger hunt put on by members of OppositeLock.

It sounds a lot less cute than it looks.

I’d make a “gotta catch ‘em all” joke, but this is a fine Porsche sports car with a cute mouth, ears and big rosy Pokémon cheeks. It’s faster than that stupid Zubat that always darts away in the game. Catching it will be tough!

For those of you outraged that a vintage Porsche would be transformed into a cuddly cartoon, fret not—one of gmporschenut’s posts suggests that this is probably plasti-dip.

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