Comment Of The Day: The Real Reason Why Cars Have Engine Covers Edition

Name that car! Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

Pop the hood on any modern car and you will be greeted by the sight of evil pixie demons gnashing their teeth at you, squealing with cruel delight. Wait, no, that’s not right. You’ll see a big plastic engine cover! Yes. But why?

To us nerds, it’s a bit of a mystery why cars have these engine covers now. We like seeing engines. We want to see their even most banal designs.


Today, we saw a design engineer’s explanation of why so many cars today are boring:

But the question of engine covers was unanswered. That is, it was until reader deux ex plaustra chimed in:


Indeed, car companies really would rather have it so we are greeted by evil pixie demons gnashing their teeth at us than see how accessible in an engine bay really is.

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