The Tesla Model 3 Will Do 0-60 In 5.6 Seconds

All photos credit: Brian Williams/Spiedbilde/Jalopnik
All photos credit: Brian Williams/Spiedbilde/Jalopnik

Over at InsideEVs, new specs on the Tesla Model 3 have emerged in the form of what appears to be a retail comparison chart for the Model S and the automaker’s new, more affordable sedan. The newest insight? The Model 3 will move 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, a time Tesla confirmed today to Jalopnik.

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InsideEVs says a source that sent along the chart says the side-by-side comparison is a piece of Musk’s anti-selling strategy for the Model 3. As we reported earlier this month, Tesla has apparently found as of late that prospective Model 3 customers might be luring away potential Model S buyers—a big difference given the MSRP for both is separated by roughly $35,000.

On a recent conference call, Musk said the disparity is concerning enough that he developed an “anti-sell” strategy:

“We want to be super clear that Model 3 is not version three of our car,” Musk said. “Model 3 is essentially a smaller, more affordable version of the Model S with fewer features.”

So in case you’re still wondering if the Model 3 will perform better than the S, read up. This handy chart has all your answers.

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ZHP Sparky, the 5th

Maybe flamesuit worthy…but why again would someone buy the Model 3 (more like wait years for one) when the Chevy Bolt has more range, is cheaper, is widely available right now (at least on the west coast at this point), and has a more practical layout?

Sure Tesla has more style and coolness factor… I feel pretty bad for Chevy, but partially their own fault for how badly they’re promoting the thing too though, I suppose.